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Rocktop Multi-surface Clearcoat Matt

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Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat is a brush applied extremely durable waterbased clear lacquer that can be applied to a multitude of surfaces. These include high traffic domestic wooden floors, wooden doors, panelling,skirting, worktops, furniture. It can be used to overcoat all waterbased paints and is also used to seal bare stone walls and wallpaper
  • C&C disabled No
  • Weight 3.000000
  • Select Colour Clear
  • Product Application Brush, Roller
  • Coverage 10-12m2/L/coat
  • Recoatable 2 Hours
  • Surface Interior Wood
  • Water or Oil Water Based
Customer Questions
Would this be suitable over acrylic paint on marine ply wood to be situated outside? Thanks.
We wouldn't recommend it as Rocktop Clearcoat is best suited when applied over water based paints and is designed for indoor use. 
Can you use this as a top coat on a radiator?
Yes, Rocktop Clearcoat can be used as a top coat on a radiator but is not recommended as a standalone coating for radiators.
I have an internal stone built wall which gets black mould on it. If I treat and remove the black mould would this be suitable on the wall to inhibit the growing back of the black mould?
It can be applied to the stone wall but it won't inhibit the mould from returning. The best course of action would be to fully treat the surface and ensure it is always well ventilated to reduce the likelihood of the mould returning.
Is Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt guaranteed not to change the colour of wood?
It shouldn't change the colour but we recommend that you test a small, discreet area first before applying a full coat.
Will Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt turn white gloss yellow?
Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat shouldn't turn the existing white gloss yellow but we recommend applying it to a small area first to confirm.
Can this be used as a levelling top coat on acrylic paints that have texture?
Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat is a sealer rather than a leveller so this wouldn't be advised for your use case.
Would I be able to use this over new emulsion paint?
Yes, Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt can be applied over new emulsion paint.
Would you be able to use this on a white kitchen sink to prevent staining?
You could use Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt to seal a sink but it depends on what the sink is made of. Please call us on 033 3320 2369 for more detailed advice, our team will be happy to help.
Can you use Rocktop Clearcoat over lime wash paint in a bathroom?
Yes, you can use Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat over limewash to seal the surface.
Does this have high or low VOC's?
Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt is water-based so is naturally low in VOC's.
Can you use Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt over a satin wall paint to give a matte finish?
Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt can be applied over satin paint to create a matt finish.
I have painted over my hard vinyl flooring in my bathroom with a mixed in hardener that came with the matt floor paint, but it's tacky and has not improved over the weeks since doing it, can I use this product to cure the issue of the tackiness
Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt won't solve the problem described, it sounds like there may be a fault with the floor paint used. We can advise further if you can give us a call on 03333 202 369 where our team of experts can find out a little more about the floor paint and hardener used.
Would this be suitable to protect water based wood paint for a commercial bar?
Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt is suitable for high-traffic domestic situations but we can't guarantee its lifecycle in a commercial environment.
Does the paint work on plastics

You can apply Rocktop Multisurface Clearcoat Matt to plastic if primed first with Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3.

Have painted fireplace with Rawlins stone paint can Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt be used as a sealant on top?
If the fireplace is working, we don't recommend applying Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt but if it is decorative, Rocktop Multi-Surface Clearcoat Matt is suitable.
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