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Spicy Orange Paint Colours

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, we often look to create a cosy interiors scheme in our homes. While adding soft furnishings, lighting a pumpkin spiced scented candle and lighting all make a difference, if your walls are stark white or cool-toned, it can be tricky to pull it all together. Using a warm orange colour on walls, ceilings or even small accents around the room, will really add a sense of warmth to your space. Spicy orange colours won't date in summer months though, quite the opposite. In brighter sun, using warm shades of orange can create a sunny, Mediterranean feel. 

We stock orange paint colours from all the top trade paint brands that can be colour-matched to any of the colours you see below or elsewhere, as well as the designer ranges themselves such as Little Greene, Farrow and Ball, Dulux Heritage, Craig & Rose, Paint and Paper Library and Benjamin Moore.

What Are The Most Popular Warm Orange Paint Colours?

Farrow and Ball Red Earth


Crown Trade Celebrity

Farrow and Ball Charlotte's Locks


Craig & Rose Cadmium


Little Greene Heat


Benjamin Moore Cinnamon

How To Create an Autumn Orange Colour Scheme

If you are looking for an orange paint colour scheme throughout a room or area of your home, you should start by buying some sample pots in your favourite shades.

Using orange on walls can feel a bit daunting so consider a feature wall with a coordinating neutral on the other walls and the ceiling. Or try painting the ceiling in your chosen shade and bringing it down past the cornice all the way around the room to create a cosy feel. 

You might want to consider painting your woodwork the same colour as the walls, often seen in period properties, known as colour drenching, or painting them a shade lighter or darker orange as a contrast. 


Dulux Heritage Inca Orange is a deep, bronze orange colour. Like sunbaked earth, this warm orange paint colour pairs well with warm neutrals like Dulux Heritage Buff or Voile White.


Paint and Paper Library Caravan is a rich, Morrocan orange-red colour. Pair with stone neutrals, natural linens and greenery to really set it off. 


Crown Crafted Ceramic Kiln is a rich terracotta orangey red colour that pairs well with black accents and milky whites. It's available in the full range of Crown Trade paints depending on the finish desired.

Where to use orange paint colours?

You can use orange paint anywhere in the home, it makes for a lovely accent colour on furniture or front doors, or if you're feeling brave, paint panelling, feature walls or entire rooms in your favourite colour. There are no rules, but we do recommend testing out a few shades before committing to a full tin to ensure you've found the perfect colour. Always paint a sample on paper with two coats, and move it around the room at different times of the day to really see how the colour looks in your chosen area as it will change as the sun moves throughout the day. 

Little Greene Orange Paint

Little Greene have a range of warm orange colours from the vibrant yellow-orange Marigold, to the rich Heat and warming Orange Aurora. Pair with the Portland Stone family of neutrals or go all over with your chosen shade.


Little Greene Marigold


Little Greene Orange Aurora


Little Greene Heat

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