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Baby Safe Paints - Perfect for Toys & Your Home

Whether you’re welcoming a new born or moving a toddler into their own bedroom, decorating the nursery is an exciting task for every parent. It’s important you take time to find a paint that is baby safe and will not release harmful compounds, even when used for a prolonged period. This applies to wall paints, ceiling paints and furniture paints, for example, painting cots, bookshelves, toys and more.

What makes paint “baby safe”?

When looking for a baby safe paint we suggest you look out for these 3 fundamentals:

  1. Non-toxic paints i.e. water-based, avoid any oil based paints
  2. VOC free, or Ultra Low VOC
  3. No odour or low odour 

Why avoid paints with high levels of VOC?

It is important to avoid paints with high levels of VOC, particularly when decorating a baby or child's bedroom. Ultimately, VOCs is an abbreviation of volatile organic compounds, these are chemicals which are added to paint and other household products that turn into vapours or gases at room temperature. As a result, the higher the levels of VOC, the lower the indoor air quality and the greater contribution to pollution. 

What brands offer great baby safe paints?

As paint specialists were well aware of great trade paint brands, when it comes to baby safe paints we would highly recommend the Tikkurila paint brand. They pride themselves on offering a wide-variety of paints which include baby safe benefits including ultra-low, or virtually zero VOW levels, water-based paints, which are eco-friendly and have low odour allowing you to choose a paint which is perfectly suited to painting your child's nursery or bedroom.

What Tikkurila Paints are zero VOC?

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to low or zero VOC paints from Tikkurila, we have listed a whole range of these below and also outlined why you can benefit from using some of these in your baby's nursery.


  1. Tikkurila Helmi 10
    Tikkurila Helmi 10
    From £26.95 £22.46
  1. Tikkurila Helmi 30
    Tikkurila Helmi 30
    From £7.18 £5.98
  1. Tikkurila Anti Reflex White 2
    Tikkurila Anti Reflex White 2
    From £29.76 £24.80
  1. Tikkurila Optiva Matt 5
    Tikkurila Optiva Matt 5
    From £7.16 £5.97

Helmi 10 & 30 - These paints have a proven safety record. If you’re looking to touch up a preloved cot or bookshelves, Helmi 10 and 30 are perfect options for baby safe paint for cots, toys or wooden crafts. These paints can be colour matched to perfectly suit your desired theme, whether this be muted maximalism, baby botanicals or safari.

Anti-Reflex White 2 - one of the best paints for interior ceilings, helps to minimise imperfections due to its great matt finish.

Optiva Matt 5 - this is a stain resistant baby safe paint perfect for walls and ceilings. With Optiva Matt 5 you don’t need to worry about any mishaps in your child's nursery as this product can be washed and scrubbed repeatedly without damaging the finish. 

Alternative Baby Safe Paint Brand

An alternative baby safe paint brand available online at The Paint Shed, and in our stores, is Little Greene. The Little Greene Intelligent finishes are certified ‘Child-Safe’ under the Toy Paint Regulations, meaning they are completely safe to use in all areas of the home as they don’t contain any dangerous ingredients and also contain zero added VOCS. Let’s take a look at the certified baby safe paint range.


  1. Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion
    Little Greene Intelligent Matt Emulsion
    From £33.00 £27.50

This is a tough and washable wall paint, a must have for nurseries and formulated for today’s busy homes. This allows you to use your most-loved colours without compromise.

  1. Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell
    Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell
    From £39.00 £32.50

This resilient low-sheen paint finish is also perfectly suited to nurseries and bedrooms.

  1. Little Greene Intelligent Gloss
    Little Greene Intelligent Gloss
    From £38.00 £31.67

This is a washable, wipeable paint that’s easy to clean, perfect for keeping the walls looking fresh. 

What are the benefits of baby safe paints for parents?

The innovative features of both the Intelligent Little Greene range and Tikkurila paints provide you with great baby safe paint options and key benefits as parents:

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick dry in as little as 2-3 hours, allowing life to continue with minimised interruption 
  • Paints designed for busy family life
  • Paints can be washed with soap water without harming the colour and finish
  • Meet key safety regulations 
  • Colour matching available with all paints to meet your nursery or bedroom theme


If you’d like any additional advice about purchasing baby safe paint from The Paint Shed please contact our team.