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Essential Painting Tools for Beginners


When it comes to painting, you’re only as good as the tools you use. No matter the painting project, be it a home makeover, upcycling furniture or a quick touch up, there is no substitute for quality tools. 

The perfect beginners paint job always requires proper preparation, careful work and the essential tools for painting. Luckily, at The Paint Shed we stock everything you will ever need for a flawless finish. Shop our beginner painting tools and accessories from Axus Decor, Bartoline, ProDec and more to get started.

Here are the best painting tools for beginners. All mentioned products are available instore and online at The Paint Shed, browse through our ‘deals’ section to take advantage of our fantastic savings. 

Before You Choose Your Tools

There are a few things you might want to consider before picking the tools you will need..

Budget or trade quality tools, what’s the difference?

When gathering supplies for a painting project, it’s natural that you will want to cut down on costs wherever you can. However, purchasing inexpensive painting tools will cost you more in time and frustration. To find out more about the differences between trade and retail paint tools look here. 

Do you need experience? 

Painting and using these tools will be easier if you have some prior experience but we have plenty of guides to help first timers. Here is a beginners guide to painting a room, painting furniture and tips on how to avoid decorating disasters and what to do if they happen. 

For more ideas, advice and how to guides visit our blog. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to our team of painting professionals, we’re always here to help.

Will I need all of these tools? 

Depending on the surface you are painting and the paint you will be using, different tools may be required. The items listed below however are a great starting point for anyone seeking to build a kit of essential painting tools for current and future paint projects. In some cases, you may have some of these accessories from past projects or just laying around the house! We always recommend that you research what tools may be needed for your specific project.


Best Beginner Painting Tools


We recommend investing in 3 high quality brushes, one large (4 – 6 inch) for large flat areas, one medium (2 – 3 inch) for door edges and skirting boards and a small  (1/2 inch – 1 inch) brush for cutting in.  Shop our range of natural and synthetic brushes to find the perfect one for your project. 

Paint Roller/ Extension Pole 

If you are painting a large surface or high ceilings you will need a paint roller and a pole attachment. Cheap rollers will not hold much paint so we recommend opting for trade quality to ensure an even finish.

Paint Tray 

Make sure to buy a paint tray that will accommodate the size of your roller and has a deep well to hold as much paint as possible (this will save you time in topping up.)

Painters Tape 

Masking or decorating tape is required for a precise finish particularly around tricky areas such as windows, light sockets and skirting boards. It will help prevent any mistakes and guide you when cutting in. 

Dust Sheet/ Drop Cloth 

Essential for keeping surrounding furniture/floor clean and free from paint or product splashes. A cost effective ‘buy once, keep for life’ purchase that will save you from costly repairs.

Step Ladder 

For safety we always recommend that painters and home DIY’ers invest in a step ladder or a simple step for those hard to reach areas. Overextending yourself will only lead to injury and an uneven finish. 

Filler/ Filling Knife 

For a professional finish you will want your walls to be fully prepared. A filler will help you cover up any holes while the knife can smooth away any excess so that your surface is ready for painting. 


If your walls are bumpy with imperfections or you are using filler, sandpaper is a must have. It will help you smooth out your surface so that the paint lays better.


Other Beginners Painting Tools

Paint brush cleaner 

A paint brush cleaner is the easiest way to get brushes really clean with no mess or paint residue. Which is essential if you intend to use them again. It contains powerful detergents to break down the paint so it cleans better than white spirit

Paint workwear 

While not essential, if you are going to be painting/decorating on the regular it is worth investing in high-quality workwear so as not to ruin your clothes. All of our workwear is heavy-duty but still comfortable enough to wear at home. 

Plumb line, spirit level, pencil  

If you need help with an intricate paint design, a feature wall or a guide to hanging shelves evenly, these tools will help. A spirit level and plumb line will help you create a perfectly straight line so that you don’t need to eyeball it.

More Decorating Tips & Advice

To many, an essential decorating kit would include a quality paint brush, trade paint and an adequate painting tray. While these items are very important and a great start, having all of our recommended tools in your arsenal will ensure a flawless finish every time. 

Shop our fantastic range of tools and accessories today to start your home transformation.