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Farrow and Ball Modern Emulsion or Estate Emulsion?

So you’ve decided on a colour and you’re researching the Farrow and Ball finishes to ascertain the best one for your needs - let’s get into it.

Firstly the two most important aspects you need to consider is what you are looking to achieve from your Farrow and Ball finishes, taking both durability and appearance into account. Both of these paints offer great finishes, however your choice will be entirely dependent on your decorating requirements, specifically rooms and the performance you expect long-term. 

What Farrow and Ball paint offers the flattest finish?

Which paint provides a flatter finish, Estate Emulsion and Modern Emulsion? Estate Emulsion achieves an incredibly flat finish with a minimal gloss percentage of just 2%. In contrast, Modern Emulsion has a 7% sheen level, resembling the smoothness of matt paint. Durability is another crucial factor related to sheen levels. As confirmed, Estate Emulsion's flatter finish implies lower durability, making it more suitable for low-contact, moisture-free areas throughout your home.

  1. Farrow And Ball Modern Emulsion
    Farrow And Ball Modern Emulsion
    From £63.00 £52.50
  1. Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion
    Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion
    From £57.50 £47.92

What is more durable, Modern Emulsion or Estate Emulsion?

Due to its higher sheen levels, Modern Emulsion offers a tougher finish versus estate emulsion. Therefore if you’re looking for a Farrow and Ball finish that is durable, meaning you can benefit from a scuff and stain resistant finish that can also be wiped clean you should opt for Modern Emulsion. However, as Modern Emulsion offers the tougher finish and less flat finish you may be thinking this paint isn’t quite right for your needs. If this is the case then we can almost guarantee you’ll love the all-new Dead Flat by Farrow and Ball. Dead Flat is their flattest finish, offering a 2% sheen - with added toughness you can also wash this paint clean, making it the perfect choice for hallways, playrooms and other high-traffic areas of your home. Not only that, Dead Flat is multi-surface so you can use this to tackle walls, woodwork and metal in all of Farrow and Ball’s signature colour palette. 


Farrow & Ball finishes and the areas they’re best suited to in your home:


Modern Emulsion

Estate Emulsion

Dead Flat





Low traffic areas of your home

Skirting boards






  1. Farrow and Ball Dead Flat
    Farrow and Ball Dead Flat
    From £33.00 £27.50
  1. Farrow And Ball Sample Pots
    Farrow And Ball Sample Pots
    From £5.50 £4.58