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Zinsser Peel Stop Primer

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  • Product Type Product Type Water Based
  • Recoat Time Recoat Time 2 Hours
  • Application Method Application Method Brush, Roller, Sprayer
  • Coverage Coverage 7.4-9.8sqm Per Litre

Zinsser Peel Stop is a clear, flexible bridging sealer for surfaces where paint is peeling, flaking, dusting or chalking is a problem. This product essentially glues down cracks and graps under edges of old paint, forming a tough film that remains flexible and lets moisture escape. With Zinsser Peel Stop you can use this indoors or outdoors to form a breathable membrane over any questionable or faulty substrates. If you're a professional decorator we would recommend carrying a tin of Zinsser Peel Stop with you as you never know when you'll need one as it's the perfect problem solver! 

What exterior surfaces can you use Zinsser Peel Stop on?

Previously painted wood siding, windows, doors, fences, and trim, metal gutters and downspouts, masonry siding, walls and foundations (including cured concrete, stucco, concrete block, brick, vinyl and aluminum siding, etc.)

What interior surfaces can you use Zinsser Peel Stop on?

Previously painted drywall, plaster, cement, concrete, or stucco walls and ceilings; wood doors, windows, baseboards, trim. Extend the life of problem surfaces.Binds cracking, chalking and peeling paint.

  • C&C disabled No
  • Weight 1.000000
  • Colour-match No
  • Select Colour Clear
  • Application Brush, Roller, Sprayer
  • Product Application Brush, roller or spray
  • Coverage 7.4-9.8sqm Per Litre
  • Touch Dry 1 Hour
  • Recoatable 2 Hours
  • Number of Coats 1
  • QTY in Pack 1 Pack
  • Surface Interior Walls , Exterior Walls, Interior Wood, Exterior Wood, Metal
  • Water or Oil Water Based
Customer Questions
I plan to paint over Zinsser Peel Stop with Allcoat Gloss. How soon after applying Peel Stop can I coat it with Allcoat?
You can paint over Zinsser Peel Stop after 2 hours.
What is Zinsser Peel Stop used for?
Zinsser Peel Stop is designed to be used on surfaces that are peeling, chalking or cracking. Even after painted surfaces have been scraped and sanded, tiny cracks and gaps can remain under the edges of old paint. Peel Stop penetrates into these spaces, gluing them down and forming a tight bond which helps prevent future peeling.
Can Zinsser Peel Stop be used outside?

Yes, Zinsser Peel Stop can be used outdoors and also indoors.  We recommend this product is applied when the air and surface temperatures are between 10° and 32°C and humidity is less than 80%. Lower temperatures and higher humidity can prolong the drying time - which is usually an hour. Do not apply Peel Stop if rain is expected. 

What are the main application methods of Zinsser Peel Stop?
Zinsser Peel Stop can be applied with a brush and/or roller or airless sprayer. Back brush or roll to work Peel Stop into cracks and edges of old paint. Apply a second coat is dull spots appear. Natural bristle brushes are not recommended for use with this product, we recommend using quality synthetic bristle brushes.
How long will a tin last once opened and stored?
If closed properly and stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light, it should last a year comfortably.
Can I paint over Zinsser peel stop with an oil based paint?
Yes, The Zinsser Peel Stop can be used with oil and Water based products.
Can I varnish over peel stop?
Yes, The Zinsser Peel Stop can be varnished over.
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