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Crown Trade Undercoat

You can’t guarantee that a paint job will look perfect without having a dependable undercoat applied first. If you’re using Crown Trade products when painting, or any paint for that matter, you can’t go wrong with the dependability Crown Trade Undercoats provide.

Here at The Paint Shed, we have handpicked a range of undercoats from Crown Trade which we think offer great coverage and value for money. Take a look at what we currently have in stock, and remember, orders over £50 may qualify for free delivery in your area.

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  1. Crown Trade All Purpose Primer PX4 White
    Crown Trade All Purpose Primer Px4 White
    From £16.93 £14.11
  2. Colour Match

    Crown Trade Full Undercoat (All Colours)
    Crown Trade Full Undercoat Tinted Colours
    From £16.60 £13.83
  3. Crown Trade Full Undercoat (White)
    Crown Trade Full Undercoat White
    From £24.66 £20.55
  4. Crown Trade All Purpose Primer PX3
    Crown Trade All Purpose Primer Px3
    From £16.86 £14.05

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What is Crown Trade Undercoat?

Crown Trade Undercoats are a collection of primers and undercoats which can be applied to specific surfaces in preparation for painting. There are several to choose from, and knowing which will benefit you most is important. Here is some information on the best sellers within the range and what to know:

Crown Trade Full Undercoat

A solvent-based undercoat which provides unparalleled adhesion to surfaces, better opacity than other primers, and helps when you plan on using high gloss paint. It is available in white and pre-mixed to match most Crown paints.

Crown Trade Stronghold Exterior Primer/Undercoat

If you’re working with timber outdoors, you’ll want an undercoat which is flexible on the surface while still sealing the wood. This does just that. It can go over already primed wood if you’re in a hurry or can be used on correctly primed metal.

Crown Trade New Build Acrylic Primer/Undercoat

New builds can often lend themselves to yellowing if surfaces aren’t taken care of before you paint for the first time. Make sure you avoid this with a specially formulated undercoat which works great with gloss paints.

Crown Trade PX3 and PX4

Two primers which could rightfully be put in a category of their own, these come as water or solvent-based hard acting primers. Discover the PX3 and PX4 Primers by Crown Trade.

What surfaces do these undercoats work best on?

Each primer lists in the product description which surfaces it works best on, but many will have a crossover for use on:

  • Timber
  • Finished Wood
  • Primed Metal
  • Plasterboard

If you don’t know which undercoat to get, our specialist paint section breaks products down by surface to help you out.

What colours do Crown Trade Undercoat come in?

These primers mainly come white as standard, especially if you’re planning to use gloss paint. For any products you see with a colour wheel beside the can, it signifies that we can mix the paint to match any Crown colour you plan on using, i.e. if you have a specific green in mind, the undercoat can be mixed to match.

Find the ideal undercoat for your next paint job

If you’re unfamiliar with the differences between primer & undercoat, we recommend reading our article on when to use Primer or Undercoat. You can also check out our full range of undercoats from other brands like Johnstone’s Trade & Dulux Trade.

If you need help finding the right undercoat, please get in touch, and The Paint Shed team will be more than happy to help.