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Dulux Trade Eggshell Paint

Dulux Trade Eggshell paint is available from The Paint Shed and can be delivered straight to your door or conveniently ready to pick up at your nearest Paint Shed store.

This range of trade eggshell paint is ideal for interior woods and metals. Our paint experts can mix this paint to order, in any colour you want for paint which provides an ideal mid-sheen from just one coat. That’s right; in most instances, no undercoat is required unless undergoing a significant colour change. 

As leading Dulux Trade stockists, take a look at what eggshell paints we currently have in stock and see if Dulux Trade Eggshell Paint is the ideal paint for your interiors.

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What is Dulux Trade Eggshell Paint?

Dulux Trade Eggshell paint is a water-based, durable eggshell paint which can provide coverage of up to 16m² per litre. It is a fast-drying paint which is known for having lower odour than traditional eggshell, along with better stain resistance. This makes it a good choice for areas like the kitchen, or spots around the home where it is all too easy to leave marks on the wall.

Why use Dulux Trade Eggshell Paint?

When people opt for eggshell finishes, they’re looking for a paint which can dependably provide a mid-sheen finish and won’t start visibly showing stains or cracks that were previously in place.

Dulux Trade Eggshell Paint does a fantastic job of providing a tougher finish while maintaining that desired sheen. As a water-based paint, it can be used on surfaces which already have solvent paint as long as the surface is prepped correctly.

This trade version of the paint also lets you get away with applying the paint without the need for an undercoat. If you were looking to apply something like a pure white eggshell on a wall which has a dark or intense shade, you might want to place a primer on first to avoid the possibility of colour bleeding through.

Is Dulux Trade Eggshell Paint Glossy?

Dulux Trade Eggshell would be seen as having a mid-sheen style finish on the wall. So while it gives a little reflection, it wouldn’t have as high a polished look as a fully gloss paint. If you are looking for paint with a high sheen, please take a look at our full range of trade gloss paint, including Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss, which is available in all colours.

What is Dulux Trade Pyroshield Eggshell?

Some of the products on this page are under the Pyroshield name. They are for use when you need to apply paint that comes with a flame-retardant finish. Pyroshield helps upgrade surfaces from fire classification Class 3 to Class 0. Correct usage of Pyroshield should see you cover around 12m² per litre.

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