Farrow & Ball Blackened

Blackened is a cool white by Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball Blackened paint is a cool white colour that has just the tiniest hint of grey coming through from the background. This allows you to add a minimalist, or even an industrial, look to your home with one new addition. Perfect when you want to refresh things in your own way while adding a cooling touch to any room in the house.

Blackened modern emulsion provides a premium quality finish that you'd expect from a classic colour combination. For the full look that you may have been searching for, why not consider pairing it with Ammonite or Dimpse? Once you see them alongside your new Blackened kitchen you’ll see the subtle contrast with the hints of grey it adds to the mix.

Blackened white also works alongside Strong White and All White when you want to use slightly lighter neutrals to lift the energy of your decor. Whether you decide to keep things cool and calm or add that little bit of light and warmth is really up to you.

When working with a cool white like Blackened an undercoat is always advised. The right undercoat will make sure that the slight hints of grey and the coolness of the white get to speak for themselves.