Farrow & Ball Calamine

Calamine is a muted pink by Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball Calamine eggshell takes the more energetic side out of a classic pink and replaces it with a muted grey. This gives you a warmer, more relaxing colour that can be used in a wide range of settings. Ideal when you want to explore new ways to refresh the home.

Calamine paint can be used alongside Peignoir and Pink Ground when you're looking for matching options which effortlessly come together. If you want to make the room have a slightly more delicate look than a standard bright pink then this is definitely worth looking closer at.

Calamine pink delivers a contemporary finish that catches the light in just the right way. The smooth looking finish is created by the addition of the grey which gives it a fresh and vibrant look. You may also want to consider using Calamine bedroom paint alongside Great White so you can have a matching border colour which tempers your decor in style. Perfect for rooms that have a lot of natural light already.

When painting with Calamine the application of the right undercoat is highly recommended. This makes sure the balance between the grey and pink is preserved so you can get the exact finish you want.