Farrow & Ball India Yellow

India Yellow is a subtle grey by Farrow & Ball                                  

Farrow & Ball India Yellow paint is a deep and rich mustard yellow that adds warmth and charm to any style of home. The moody quality of the yellow gives it a strong presence in a variety of different lights as it offers something that changes subtly throughout the day.

India Yellow kitchen paint is ideal when you want to add some striking design to the busiest room in the house. You could mix it alongside Sudbury Yellow to explore the contrast, or you could add touches of Matchstick around the edges when you need a matching neutral. The choice is yours!

Farrow & Ball India Yellow front door is a great option for those looking for something a little different. This striking shade is the perfect candidate when you want to refresh your entrance while also introducing dark shades such as Tanner’s Brown.                                   

When you want to make working with Farrow & Ball India Yellow living room look easy, the key is to start with the correct choice of undercoat. This will make sure the mustard quality of the yellow is preserved so you can take pride in your handiwork for years to come.