Farrow & Ball Wevet

Wevet is a subtle grey by Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball Wevet paint is a simple and relaxing colour that's all about living life at your own pace. By being neither too cool nor too warm, it gives you the perfect starting point for the rest of your interiors. Partnering it with bolder colours like Strong White gives you plenty of ideas when you want to really explore your creative side.

If you want to bring out the hints of grey then consider the pairing of Wevet and Ammonite. These two colours bring out the subtle tones in one another which gives you a whole new dimension to play with in terms of your design ideas.

Wevet white is one of those colours you can use in a variety of different settings because it has a slightly muted tone which means you can use it as the main wall colour or as a border colour. The choice is yours, so make sure to explore your matching options and the way they will compliment the light in your room.                                                   

To get the most out of Wevet an undercoat always comes highly recommended. By giving it the right foundation you will be able to make sure the subtle hints of grey are not overwhelmed by other unwanted colours coming through from underneath.