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A guide to Jotun's Demidekk woodcare range

If you are in need of exterior wood protection, a product that offers great colour stability and a long-lasting finish, Jotun Demidekk woodcare is the ideal solution. Its unrivalled durability makes it one of our bestselling products for garden transformations. With products for decking, windows and doors, you're sure to find what you need. Here is our guide to Jotun’s superior wood stain solution. Shop The Paint Shed’s wide selection of woodcare products today.

Jotun, a brand hailing from Sadefjord, Norway, is synonymous with high-quality, high-performance woodcare protection. With products that have been used worldwide since 1923, they have helped create iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa and Petronas Towers. So you can be sure their woodcare products are designed to last.

The Paint Shed Jotun range includes  Demidekk Ultimate, Demidekk Ultimate Windows & Doors, Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain and Demidekk Visir Primer. We have everything you need for a full exterior renovation, read on for a breakdown of this world-renowned range.

Demidekk Ultimate

Demidekk Ultimate is a fully water-based external opaque that delivers a durable finish without compromising on looks or the environment. It’s the most technically-advanced exterior wood stain in its class, offering unrivalled colour stability and long-maintenance cycles. With a promised maintenance cycle of up to 12 years, you can count on your surfaces looking fresher for longer. Its flexible coating makes it perfect for wooden fences, sheds, summerhouses, timber cladding and all exterior timber.

Demidekk Ultimate is a  popular choice for architects, professional painters and exterior designers due to its quick and easy application and diverse colour palette. It can be mixed to almost any colour, offering both traditional and contemporary hues. Use The Paint Shed’s colour selector to find your perfect shade or you have a particular colour in mind, get in touch and we can mix a pot to your specifications. 

The advanced waterborne system and exceptionally low VOC rating means the environmental impact is minimal. It’s an eco-friendly choice for protecting the environment and your woodwork against the elements. The combination of high-quality binders and high content of pigments safeguard the woodwork against damaging UV rays providing a shield against the weather. It also contains film conserving agents that counteract mould growth on the substrate, so you don’t have to worry about rot or decay over time.

Demidekk Ultimate can be applied using a brush or roller on primed wood. Use as a system together with Visir Primer products for ultimate protection. Ensure your surface is clean and dry before application, loose wood fibres should be sanded until smooth. Demidekk Ultimate is easy to apply and fast drying, leaving you with an opaque coating with a rich consistency. It offers long-lasting colour, gloss retention and unbeatable protection. Use on new and painted woodwork and metal surfaces with a suitable primer.

Demidekk Ultimate Windows and Doors

For a superior product specifically suited for planed woodworks, Jotun's Demidekk Ultimate Windows and Doors provides a tough, durable and beautiful option. Perfect for windows, doors, frames, gutters and other exterior trims, this high-performance paint offers excellent colour and gloss retention. It can be used on both new woodwork and previously painted/stained wood or as a topcoat for plastic and metal surfaces when teamed with a suitable primer. For maximum adhesion, colour retention and gloss stability use alongside Jotun Visir Primers. With added UV filters, fungicides and film preserving agents, this water-based woodcare solution will inhibit the growth of mildews keeping your surface looking fresher for longer.

For best results, your surface should be clean, sound and dry before painting. Take the time to sand down sharp agents, remove loose paint and apply a suitable cleaning agent. Next, depending on the manufacturer's instructions, you should consider applying an antifungal treatment alongside the necessary primer. For topcoats, we advise applying two coats for previously treated windows and doors and three for new, planed woodwork. 

Demidekk Decking and Garden Stain 

This water-based wood oil is designed for treating outdoor wood and pressure impregnated woods that are used in the construction of patio decking, garden furniture and balcony floors. Demidekk decking and garden stain provides a highly protective coating that helps shield outdoor wood from water, harmful UV rays and algal growth. It’s unique formulation significantly slows down the process of greying due to sun damage while also preventing cracking. Available in a large range of colours, Demidekk garden stains can also be used as a weathered-grey stain to create the look of a natural, even grey right from the start. It is non film forming and must absorb completely into the wood for a lasting finish. When applied correctly one coat can last up to three years, so your wood can stay protected for longer. Apply on dry, clean and healthy wood for maximum results. 

Demidekk at The Paint Shed

The Paint Shed offers an unrivalled range of high-performance woodcare products. Shop everything you need to transform and protect your wood. Whether you need to paint, stain, treat or varnish, there’s an interior or exterior wood care solution for you. Browse Demidekk range here,

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