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Decorating Your Home For Christmas With Farrow & Ball

Christmas is right around the corner, but there is no need to fret, there’s still plenty of time to unpack the tree and deck the halls. This year we’re going to help you celebrate the festive season in style. Taking visual inspiration from Farrow & Ball we’ve compiled a list of the best decorating tips and tricks for the coming holiday season.

Choose Your Colour Scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home comes down to what mood you want to evoke. Gold and red are ideal for creating a cosy, traditional feel, while white, silver and green can produce an elegant ‘Winter Wonderland’ vibe. The white Christmas aesthetic has taken paint retailers by storm in recent years, while more adventurous types now opt for blues, purples and even blacks for their festive backdrop. Layering colour on colour can also be a unique and sophisticated way to decorate, match red ornaments to red walls for a colour block quality. Shop Farrow & Ball’s 'Rectory Red' for the perfect Christmas hue.

Christmas Tree

As the focus of any festive interior, your Christmas tree should be your first port of call when decorating your home. All accompanying decorations should be centred around the look and design of this focal paint. Whether you go for real or artificial, slim or wide, extravagant or minimalist the right tree can make your home stand out. Farrow and Ball’s 'Great White' is a great backdrop to a gold and red decorated tree, while a green shade like 'Calke Green' could make for a chic and complementary wall colour. 

Create An Ambience

During the holidays how you light your home can make all the difference. Drape lights everywhere, garland surfaces, banisters and mantels with strings of light for an understated elegant warmth. Opt for coloured lights for a kitsch, traditional look, and team with a roaring fire to create the ultimate homey haven. Festooning fireplaces with twigs, berries and foliage can help fashion an outdoorsy cabin feel. Be sure to be mindful of balance, rustic touches should be offset with dark blue or green walls, take Farrow & Ball’s 'Hague Blue' which is more warm and inviting than cold.

Bring out the good china

Setting the table is a key part of the Christmas experience, which is why many of us save our best china and cutlery for this special occasion. So polish off your tableware and shine your candelabras for the ultimate ornate arrangement. To highlight metallics go for a contrasting wall colour,  browse Farrow & Balls pastel shades for an unexpected pop of colour.

Decorate Your Door

As a final touch decorating your door or front porch can be a great way to greet guests and carollers. Hang a simple wreath with bows and mistletoe or tie foliage with a ribbon to create a cheery and original bouquet. If you really want to make a memorable first impression painting your door a festive colour can be a fun seasonal revamp. Go for bold reds or greens to fit your theme. 

Happy Merrymaking!