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Farrow & Ball Greens 

There’s no denying Farrow & Ball have one of the most coveted paint colour palettes, with 132 colours to choose from. Believe us, we understand the challenges you have when trying to pick the right hue, that’s why we offer designer shade cards & Farrow and Ball sample pots. So if you’re looking to breathe fresh life into a room of your home, and need a colour that will flourish, we recommend you consider a Farrow & Ball green as these are perfect for uplifting any room. To help you on your decision-making journey, we've curated our favourite green tones from Farrow & Ball's collection and suggested the perfect room matches for each.

Lichen - Living Room

This green by Farrow & Ball is a calm, muted green which has a subtle feel to it due to its underlying blue tones. This versatile colour will give off a calming feel, which is perfect for living spaces, particularly in a busy family home. Shop Farrow & Ball Dead Flat and enjoy an extremely durable finish that can be scrubbed clean without compromising the colour or finish.


Green Smoke - Kitchen

This dark green by Farrow & Ball evokes serenity when used indoors. This is one of the main reasons we believe Green Smoke is the perfect colour for use in a kitchen, combining with one of Farrow & Balls durable, scrubbable finishes like Dead Flat or Modern Emulsion, you could also use on walls or kitchen cabinets - offering the most versatile option for any busy kitchen! If you need any other advice on green paints for kitchens, you can read our related blog that outlines alternative greens and the best paint finishes for kitchen walls & cabinets.


Verte De Terre - Hallway

This colour is one of the most popular Farrow & Ball greens. With its blue undertones it creates the softest of atmospheres, which makes it a great welcoming colour to use in hallways of your home. To achieve the perfect look we recommend you opt for one of Farrow & Balls matt finishes, like Dead Flat or Modern Emulsion as this will provide you with additional depths of colour.


Eddy - Bedroom

If you like to create a sense of calm and relaxation in your bedroom, we strongly recommend Farrow & Ball Eddy. This offers a delicate tone, without crossing over into pastel green and sits at the lightest end of the Farrow & Ball green family, along with French Gray. To minimise disruption in the home we suggest Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion as this has very low VOCs, meaning you will experience very little odour during the paint curing process! 


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    Farrow and Ball Dead Flat
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