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How to get the Friends purple door

Friends is back and we’re feeling nostalgic. Want a quirky new addition to your home inspired by the most famous door on TV? Read on to find out how to get the Friends door from Monica’s apartment in your own home!

If painting your front door purple is a bit too much, bedroom doors and cupboards are great alternatives. 

What colour is the Friends door?

The friends door is a mid-violet, there are lots of similar shades from the likes of Dulux, Johnstone’s and Crown including Dulux Sugared Lilac, and Johnstone’s Vibrant Violet, we can also colourmatch across our product range if there’s another brand or shade of lavender you have in mind.

Recommended Door Paint

We have a wide range of paints suitable for the transformation, both oil and water based, depending on your preference. Our favourites include:

Dulux Trade Satinwood Paint 

Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Water Based Satin Paint

How to paint your door - step by step


Preparing the surface is key to get the perfect finish. It’s always easier to remove the door from the hinges and paint the door when it’s laying flat but if this isn’t possible you can still paint it in place, use wedges so it doesn't move around.

Remove any hardware such as door handles, knobs and hooks, then clean the door with a mild detergent. For a smoother surface sand the door.

If you’re painting the wood for the first time you will need to use a wood primer.

As you’re likely to be only painting one side of the door to get the Friends effect use masking tape to protect the edges and the other side

Painting the door

Start with a paintbrush, going over the moulding first, move onto the panels then finally the vertical sections. Wait until dry, following the guidance on the paint you’re using then give the door a second coat, going over with a mini roller to smooth the finish.

Leave to dry then reattach your hardware

The finishing touches

The final, and potentially most important step which takes your door from just a purple door to the Friends door is the gold frame. You can find these on Etsy or get crafty and make your own.

If you transform your door into the Friends door don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @thepaintshedcompany 

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