They say that diamonds are forever, and when looking for a paint you want to work well for years to come, the range of Dulux Trade Diamond Paint currently in stock at The Paint Shed will certainly do the job.

We are proud to stock this impressive range of trade paint which works tremendously on almost all interior surfaces. Whether you’re looking for a paint that provides unbeatable durability or need a fast-acting paint which promises to provide a smooth matt finish in around two coats, Dulux Trade Diamond Paint may be just what you need.

Take a look at the current selection and see if Dulux Trade Diamond is right for you. And don’t forget that when you buy with The Paint Shed, you are guaranteed the best prices possible and free delivery on orders over £50.

Dulux Trade Diamond Paint

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What is Dulux Trade Diamond Paint?

Dulux Trade Diamond Paint is a mini range of water-based emulsion paints which have been formulated to provide increased resistance when needed in “problem” areas. It is something of a contradiction to describe a liquid as “tough”, but that’s what you’re promised using this trade paint. There are three main paints within the range, and the type you need will vary depending on use.

Dulux Diamond Eggshell

Eggshell paints can sometimes lack a durable finish, but Dulux Diamond Eggshell makes it possible. The Paint Shed had the eggshell varietal available in all colours, making it an ideal quick-dry paint for any interior wall. The special Diamond technology allows you to give scuffs and marks a good scrub without damaging the paint, while also ensuring that stains have a tough time from settling on the paint.

Dulux Diamond Matt

You’ll get a 4 to 6 hour turnaround time between coats for Dulux Diamond Matt paints. The pure brilliant white and magnolia are the base shades this high-performance paint comes in, but we can help mix light and dark colours when needed. You’d expect to get coverage using this matt of around 16m² per litre.

Dulux Diamond Satinwood

When looking for a tough paint for your wood and metal, but don’t want to wait around for undercoats (unless replacing an intense colour) Dulux Diamond Satinwood can help in spades, especially the pure brilliant white which you can depend on not to discolour. You’d expect to get around 12m² per litre using Diamond Satinwood. Note, though that while it works fantastically on wood, if you’re painting directly on to plasterboard or woodchip, you’re best to use Diamond Matt or Eggshell.

Why use Dulux Trade Diamond Paint?

A big problem which isn’t immediately apparent with any interior paint is just how long it will be able to retain that same vibrancy and tone for years to come. Anti-fade properties, matched with durability, really help make the Dulux Trade Diamond range something else.

Painting in Traffic-Heavy Areas

If you’re going to be painting in busy areas like hallways and stairs and know that you’ll have scuff marks which need washing off, Dulux Diamond is a good choice.

For those who will be painting around the kitchen, or professional cooking areas, Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood Pure Brilliant White is formulated to be stain & grease resistant right out of the can.

What Does Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond Do?

You may notice some of the products on this page are Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond Paints. It has an in-film bactericide which is preferable in areas you want to keep bacteria to an absolute minimum. And unlike other water-based anti-bacterial paints, Sterishield Diamond is less likely to get that off-yellow tint you sometimes find with paint like this.

Find the right paint for your space

If you need help finding the right paint for your walls and surfaces, you’ll find some very helpful articles in our Tips & Advice section.

And remember that if you need Dulux Trade Diamond Paint in a hurry, The Paint Shed offers click & collect from all our stores. You can find more information on that right here.