One of the top-selling exterior paint ranges available at The Paint Shed, this small but mighty range of Dulux Trade Masonry Paint will help anyone looking to paint masonry in a timely fashion.

Not only is it fast-acting, but it also helps provide smooth coverage which is usually hard to pull off with most masonry paint. Whether you need a small can for some coverage on plastic or have an entire wall that needs a reliable white, you’ll find it here.

Shop the range and see which Dulux Trade Masonry Paint works best for you. Remember that The Paint Shed has click and collect available from your local store if you need masonry paint in a hurry.

Dulux Trade Masonry Paint

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What is Dulux Trade Masonry Paint?

Dulux Trade Masonry Paint is a flexible, smooth, solvent-based masonry paint ideal for use all year round on exterior walls. Based on patented AkzoNobel technology, it gives up to 15 years lasting protection and is suitable for use in difficult climates. 

This range of paint has unique NAD technology, which results in quick drying and reapplication. Even in very cold conditions, it can take showers within 15-30 minutes of application. It is also easy to apply, with excellent opacity.

Those who would paint outside a lot will like it too as it contains a fungicide to inhibit mould growth on the paint film (one less bit of work to do) and is not prone to yellowing.

Why use Dulux Trade Masonry Paint?

Paints in this range are quick to dry, have good resistance and, unlike other masonry paints, can be mixed to order. The incredibly popular Weathershield Smooth Masonry comes in 5l and 10l options, and with up to 16m² per litre, it’s hard to beat in terms of price and quality.

What surfaces does Dulux Trade Masonry work best on?

Dulux Trade Masonry would be seen as quite a versatile masonry paint. It can be used on:

  • flat stone
  • walls
  • wood
  • metal
  • plastics

With this being a smooth masonry paint, it is best used on surfaces you want to have a clean finish with good consistency. If you’re working with a rough concrete or stone surface (e.g. pebbledash), you may prefer a more textured masonry paint that lets you get away with working on cracks and dents. If this is the case for you, some of the Zinsser exterior paints may be a better choice.

What colours do Dulux Trade Masonry Paints come in?

Dulux Trade Masonry is available in white, Pure Brilliant white, and any of the common mixed colours within the Dulux Trade range. We also have Dulux All Seasons Smooth Masonry Tinted Colours 4.5L in stock for anyone who wants muted tones on exterior surfaces.

What if I’m painting over existing coats?

In an ideal world, you could simply paint right over old coats without a worry in the world. It is important to get your surface prepped just like walls inside. If you plan on painting on wood or masonry which may be contaminated, we recommend Dulux Weathershield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash to help get your surface in working order.

If you’re working with a surface which shows signs of chalkiness or a powdery texture that won’t wipe easily, we recommend Dulux Weathershield Stabilising Primer to seal unstable areas. Remember, fully prepping is the difference between a job done right and one which drags on.

Find the right paint for your exteriors

Different surfaces will benefit from having the right paint for the job. That’s why we recommend visiting our Specialist Paint section to find paints formulated for metal, flooring, concrete, and other surfaces.

If you have any questions about Dulux Trade Masonry Paint to get, feel free to get in touch with The Paint Shed team, who are here to answer your questions and point you towards the best products for any upcoming paint job.