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Dulux Goose Down

Dulux Goose Down Paint

Goose Down is a cool, light grey paint from Dulux

Goose Down is one of Dulux’s most popular grey shades, alongside Dulux Pebble Shore and Dulux Polished Pebble. Unlike other greys offered by Dulux, Goose Down is a light and airy colour with cooler tones. This cool grey paint works well in a south-facing room or a west-facing room, however, Goose Down will lift any space and it can even bring light into a north-facing room.

When choosing colours to pair with Goose Down paint, try going for crisp whites like Dulux White Mist for an elegant feel. You could even mix it with some light blues or greens too for a calm, muted space. Dulux Tranquil Dawn is a light green shade that would compliment Goose Down perfectly. If you prefer a statement look, you could try pairing Goose Down with darker colours like charcoal.

Goose Down paint is available in the range of Dulux Trade paints, giving you a selection of finishes to choose from. Try Goose Down in Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk for a tough, mid-sheen finish. This is great for normal walls and ceiling surfaces, helping you create a home that reflects your taste. Dulux Goose Down sample pots are available, it is recommended that you test the colour in various lighting conditions in your space.

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Tips & Advice for Using Dulux Goose Down

Dulux has described Goose Down as a “softer shade of grey”, and we couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right balance between a nice off-white for the home and ending up with a grey that would look better placed on a chalkboard.

Dulux Goose Down sits right on the lighter end of the greyscale. When using the likes of the eggshell or satinwood indoors, you’ll find Goose Down will lift a room during the daytime when natural light is pouring in, and give a cosier feeling in the evenings when grey can come out a little more.

This grey also works wells in corridors and busy public-facing areas. We recommend getting the Goose Down Dulux Trade Scuff Shield Matt finish if you want this shade in an area you know you’ll have to wipe down and wash from time to time.  For anyone who wants Duck Goose on their doors or window frames on the outside of the home, Dulux Weathershield Gloss is going to give you a tough finish which will last for years.

Shopping with The Paint Shed

If you need help finding the right shade of grey for a surface, our paint colour finder tool will make it a doddle. As long as you know where the paint is going and what type of finish you want on the wall, we’ll show you all the grey and off-white paints currently in stock.

And if you’re painting a specific surface for the first time, and want to make sure you do it right, visit our advice section for helpful articles.