Natural Slate is a grey paint colour from Dulux.

Lighter greys and neutral greys are great for creating a space of modern calm in your homes, however, darker shades can create some depth and interest in your home. If you’re after a darker grey, try Dulux Natural Slate, a true grey with warm tones. 

Natural Slate has warm tones, so if you have a north-facing room try this paint to maximise natural light. When paired with an off-white, like Dulux White Mist, the lighter and darker colours will offset each other to create a calming space. Other greys to pair with Natural Slate for tonal combinations are Dulux Chic Shadow and Dulux Urban Obsession. Dulux Natural Slate will provide a middle ground between these two lighter and darker greys. 

Dulux Natural Slate paint provides a deeper alternative to muted greys, try it in the range of Dulux Trade paints for long-lasting colour and high pigmented finish. Dulux Diamond Eggshell is a great choice for any interior walls, ceilings or wood that need a quick-drying and low-smelling finish. This paint option also guarantees a good degree of durability and stain repellent technology for any busy room at home.

Dulux Natural Slate Paint

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22 Items

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Tips & Advice for Using Dulux Natural Slate

Dulux Natural Slate lends itself best to feature walls. If you have bare walls in your dining room, kitchen, or living room that need freshening up, this paint will work well. Suppose you are painting a fireplace or shelves white. In that case, this paint provides some oomph, especially if opting for Dulux Diamond Matt or Dulux Trade Eggshell

In terms of placement alongside other colours and shades, any type of soft off-white will look the part; Dulux Rock Salt always works well. If you’re after a contrasting colour which balances well with Natural Slate, an extremely soft pastel or pink can work in the likes of your living room or bedroom.

If you’re not well versed in using paint for specific jobs, we have a helpful advice section, with articles on how to paint any surface inside and outside the home. We recommend giving this article on when to use primer or undercoat a quick read if you’re going to apply Dulux Natural Slate on a previously painted surface. Get yourself acquainted with some of our tips and you’ll be painting like a pro in no time at all.

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