It is best to think of it as an intense colour, and not necessarily a paint which causes tension (thanks to being so easy to apply), Dulux Teal Tension is a standout colour from one of the world’s leading paint brands.

It is a tremendous looking paint on any surface and helps add character to any room. If you’re looking to get teal paint for the home or want a tough-wearing exterior paint in this colour, you’ve come to the right place.

The Paint Shed is the place to get the best deals on Dulux Teal Tension. With fast delivery times and our price promise, get a great deal with shopping for Dulux paint here on site.

Dulux Teal Tension

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Tips & Advice for Using Dulux Teal Tension

Dulux Teal Tension is a great option for living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms. The matt version of the paint is a winner in any room in our books. If you have a space that is already getting plenty of natural light, but lacks warmth in terms of colour, teal could be the ideal solution.

With teal working so well on feature walls, we recommend opting for lighter shades of white and off-whites with just the slightest hint of pink if you want to compliment the colour. Anyone looking to push the boat out and get a truly unique look, especially if painting fittings and shelves, would see that gold tones provide a remarkably elegant contrast. 

As with any strong colour, the paint job will only look as good as the preparation put in. When using Dulux Teal Tension, we recommend using a matching quick-dry undercoat, which can be mixed to the same colour. You’ll especially want this if you’re opting for teal gloss indoors. And as this is a hard-working paint, you don’t want to have any slips or spills when working around furniture. Please make sure you have everything you need for the paint work to go smoothly by visiting our tools & accessories section

Shopping with The Paint Shed

Has seeing teal tickled your fancy? Wondering what other colours would look great in your home? Then visit our Paint by Colour section. It has a handy guide to help you find unique colour combinations based on the surface you want to paint, and the finish you want from your paint. 

And if you need help with any of the Dulux products on this page, please get in touch and the customer care team will help. You can leave a message here or call us on 033 3320 2369.