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Farrow and Ball Frequently Asked Questions

Painting can be daunting and if you’re at the beginning of your DIY project, you’re likely to have many questions. From knowing which paint to use in each room, deciding on a Farrow and Ball colour, or finish to knowing how much paint you need, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked Farrow and Ball questions for you below.

How to store Farrow and Ball paint?

Farrow and Ball paint is a water-based product and therefore should not be stored anywhere subject to frost or extreme temperatures. You should keep leftover paint in a dry place.

Does Farrow and Ball paint go off? 

Farrow and Ball recommend using the paint within 6 months of purchase to avoid any deterioration in the paint quality. However for it to last longer it needs to be protected from frost and extreme temperatures, so where it is stored is an important factor.

Is Farrow and Ball paint toxic? 

Farrow and Ball scored A+ for the French Indoor Air Quality Decree, this is down to the paint having low levels of VOC. The paint is also toy safe meaning it is safe to have around children, which will give you peace of mind in your own home.

Are Farrow and Ball paints eco-friendly?

All Farrow and Ball paints are produced with an eco-friendly water-base using minimal or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), making all paints low in odour and safe for not only the environment but also the whole family. Farrow and Ball paints are also packaged in recyclable tins and all ingredients are sensibly sourced to minimise any negative environmental impact.

How long after painting can I sleep in the room?

As all Farrow and Ball paint is water-based, you only need to wait around four hours for the paint to dry and therefore sleep in the room. This differs from oil-based paint, as you’d normally have to leave it for 24 hours.

How much Farrow and Ball paint do I need? 

Most brands will state the coverage of their paint either on the back of tins or on their website within the product description. For example, Estate Emulsion will cover 70m² per 5 litres and require two coats. Most coverage amounts are given for one coat so double this quantity should the finish need more than one coat.

Calculating the amount of paint you need can ensure you are not wasting money overbuying, allowing you to choose a higher quality trade paint like Farrow and Ball.

Are Farrow and Ball paints washable?

Estate Emulsion is wipeable but not washable. If you do need to clean Farrow and Ball paint, you should wipe gently with a soft damp cloth or sponge. 

Always test cleaning solutions on a small invisible area before, as some cleaning solutions may mark the walls. Avoid using bleach-based cleaning solutions as these will leave a mark. 

It is important to check which finish you have used before beginning to clean. When it comes to very matt finishes such as Dead Flat, some colours will become marked when washed. 

Which Farrow and Ball paint is suitable for kitchen cupboards?

Due to the kitchen being a room in the home with high traffic and is susceptible to knocks and scuffs, emulsion paint is a good option being Farrow and Ball’s most durable and versatile of finishes. Modern Emulsion is washable, scuff-proof, and protected against mould.

When it comes to Kitchen cupboards, estate eggshell paint is the most suitable option due to its resistance to stains. For the best results, prime with either Farrow and Ball Wood Primer Undercoat or Metal Primer Undercoat.

Which Farrow and Ball paint is suitable for bathrooms?

Modern Emulsion works best for bathrooms, due to its high durability in high-traffic areas and is protected against mould. Modern Emulsion is a water-based paint and has a 7% sheen level, it is also fully wipeable and washable. Bathrooms and kitchens are prone to condensation and moisture, the Modern Emulsion is designed to withstand this type of environment. Prime using Farrow and Ball Wall and Ceiling Primer Undercoat to achieve the best finish and depth of colour.

Which Farrow and Ball paint is suitable for a shed?

Farrow and Ball Exterior Eggshell is ideal for painting a shed. It is very durable, meaning that the colour won’t fade in a short period of time. Once dried it will provide long-lasting protection to your wooden shed.

Farrow and Ball stockists?

At The Paint Shed, we offer an extensive selection of Farrow and Ball paints for every interior and exterior surface type. Whether you are a DIY novice looking to give your home a fresh lick of paint, an experienced DIYer or a professional decorator, you will be able to find the right Farrow and Ball paint for your current project.

Click and Collect is available at all 18 of our stores or order by 12pm on a weekday for express next-day delivery to your chosen address.

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