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How to paint uPVC Doors

If you’re fed up with the appearance of your white uPVC door and are looking to freshen this up, adding a few licks of paint can easily transform the look of your front door and exterior of your house. Let our experts help you on the best place to start, including the best paint for uPVC doors and how to paint your uPVC doors.

1. Collate the right tools for the job. Before you put paint on your door we recommend you have the following items to hand so you can get the best finished result.

    1. Dust sheet
    2. Bucket & a sponge
    3. Masking tape
    4. uPVC Paint
    5. Stirring stick
    6. Paint brush

2. Prepare your uPVC door. Prior to painting we recommend you use a soft dustpan or soft bristled brush to sweep away any dust or cobwebs. Following this, wash your door down with a sponge using soapy water. Ensure the door is fully dry and step 3 is taken care of before progressing to painting.

3. Tape up and remove any door accessories. Before you get started, you need to remove any furniture near or on your door, such as seasonal wreaths. As well as this, you must thoroughly tape up and cover door handles, peephole and your letterbox so you can minimise paint touching any undesired areas of your door.

4. Find the best paint for uPVC doors. Firstly, you need to do your research to find the right paint for your uPVC doors - you want to make sure this is durable and is also suitable for the uPVC, meaning the paint won’t peel or quickly show signs of wear and tear. Luckily we’ve already put a detailed article together around the best paint for uPVC doors and windows so you can make sure you pick the best quality paint for the job!



5. Paint your uPVC door using Zinsser Allcoat. Zinsser Allcoat is the perfect paint for uPVC doors which can also be mixed to anthracite grey, which is a hugely popular front door colour - a dark grey, which can also appear black in various lights. However, if you would like to colour match to e.g. your decorative front garden stone chips, or blinds we can easily colour match your front door colour for you to ensure continuity. Zinsser Allcoat is one of the best paints for uPVC doors as it is self-priming, meaning you can avoid having to separately prime the door, and it also offers a long lasting finish for up to 15 years! However, if you would prefer to add a primer, we would suggest pairing Zinsser Allcoat with Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 primer, which can be applied in a single coat. 


6. Apply any final touches. If you’re looking to make any additional finishing touches to your front door to make it look more welcoming, we recommend you add a few potted seasonal plants or some decorative trees with lights to help brighten up your front door and show off your freshly painted door.

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