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Most Popular Farrow & Ball Colours For Kitchens

As a leading designer paint brand, Farrow and Ball are known to lead the way with their exquisite range of popular paint colours. In fact, Farrow and Ball is always a popular choice for our customers when painting their kitchens. If you’re looking for colour inspiration for your kitchen project, we’ve highlighted our top 5 most popular Farrow & Ball colours for kitchens below.

What Farrow & Ball Finish Is Best For Kitchens?

Before we highlight our most recommended Farrow & Ball kitchen colours, we suggest you opt for the Farrow and Ball Modern Emulsion finish. This offers a super-tough finish that can be easily cleaned and also offers protection against mould, making it ideal for use in kitchens that are exposed to high moisture levels.

Our Top 5 Farrow & Ball Kitchen Colours

Savage Ground - Popular Neutral 

This neutral tone is a yellow stone based hue which is an extremely popular choice for kitchens and also pairs perfectly with whites.

French Grey - Popular Green

This is our most popular Farrow and Ball green for kitchens and utilities, and you can see why. The relaxing grey green is calming to look at making it perfect for the heart of the home. If you’re not sold on French Grey, our Farrow & Ball greens article may provide additional inspiration.  

Titmouse Blue - Popular Blue

This is the darkest blue shade available in the Farrow & Ball palette making it a perfect choice for kitchen cabinets, or walls if you prefer to create strong contrasts from lighter hues. This colour helps to bring a smart look and luxurious atmosphere to your kitchen, ideal if you use your kitchen as an entertaining space.


Picture Gallery Red - Popular Red

This deep red hue will bring sophistication to your kitchen, like Titmouse Blue, this shade can be used to create a sense of warmth on your walls or on your cabinets. Pair with a white to create a harmonious space in your kitchen.

Strong White - Popular White Grey

Not to forget a trusted favourite in kitchens is a cool white, this grey based white is perfect if you’re aiming to achieve a modern feel to your home. To make your kitchen a calming and relaxing space, we recommend you pair this hue with a greige like Skimming Stone or Elephant’s Breath for maximum effect. 

How To Choose The Perfect Farrow & Ball Colour

We understand choosing the right colour can be a stressful process, and we always recommend you start with Farrow and Ball sample pots of your favourite colours. To avoid any problems and common mistakes when choosing the right colour we suggest you follow the steps below:

  1. Buy a handful of Farrow & ball sample pots 
  2. Paint your sample colour onto paper, ideally A5 size or bigger
  3. Position your A5 paper around your kitchen at various times of the day, this allows you to see how the paint colour responds to light, and also how the shade looks on different walls

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