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The Best Paints and Oils for Summer Houses

The aesthetics of your summer house plays a significant role in shaping the look and feel of your garden. After enduring a prolonged period of inclement weather, it's common for the exterior of your summer house to require some tender loving care. Many summer houses showcase timber exteriors that can be effortlessly revitalised with a new lick of paint or oil, reviving their exterior.

At The Paint Shed, we sell a range of high quality wood oils and exterior wood paints designed so you don’t have to re-paint year after year - long term this saves you lots of money and time so you can enjoy your garden when summer arrives! So let’s take a look at our best paint for summer houses, oh and oils!

Best Paints for Summer Houses


1. Demidekk Ultimate

This high-performing exterior wood paint by Jotun Demidekk provides superior levels of durability against the elements and high levels of colour retention. This paint is perfect for applying to summer houses, log cabins, sheds, fences and all other types of exterior woodwork allowing you to enjoy a great finish for up to 12 years - unlike many other exterior wood products. For best results, we recommend applying the Jotun Visir Clear primer, with 3 topcoats of Demidekk Ultimate applied to benefit from total protection. 


  • Dries in 2 hours
  • Great to work with
  • Can be colour matched into thousands of colours
  • Enjoy 12 years of protection and deep colour


  1. Jotun Demidekk Ultimate Tinted Colours
    Jotun Demidekk Ultimate Tinted Colours
    From £24.00 £20.00

2. Sadolin Superdec

This highly durable opaque wood protection is perfect for summer houses and any exterior joinery (excluding decking). As a multi-surface paint, Sadolin superdec is perfect for summer houses as it resists cracking, peeling and flaking. This product is also self-priming and works as an undercoat so you can also save on buying an additional primer. 


  • Self-priming & great to apply
  • Touch dry in 1 hour
  • Brilliant depth of colour
  • Can be colour matched into thousands of colours
  1. Sadolin Superdec Opaque Wood Protection Satin Tinted Colours
    Sadolin Superdec Opaque Wood Protection Satin Tinted Colours
    From £8.62 £7.18

3. Osmo Country Shades

This offers an opaque exterior wood stain made from natural and renewal plant oils, helping to protect your exterior wood from the elements. This wood stain will also save you time as no primer or sanding is needed, simply apply it to your exterior wood and discover the depth of colour you will enjoy for a prolonged period. Rather than opt for a clear finish, with Osmo Country Shades you can stain your summer house any shade you desire with this protective finish.


  • Extremely durable & UV resistant
  • Opaque satin finish
  • Thousands of colours available, including Osmo, RAL or NCS colours
  • Resists shrinking & swelling of wood
  1. Osmo Country Shades Tinted Colours
    Osmo Country Shades Tinted Colours
    From £35.47 £29.56

Best Oil for Summer Houses

Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra

This oil is one of our best sellers, so get it while you can! This oil provides a clear satin wood finish so is perfect if you’re looking to keep your natural wooden look of your summer house, but with added protection from the elements. This oil can be applied to exterior wood and is perfect for summer houses, fences, pergolas, balconies, window shutters, doors and so much more. It also includes active ingredients to protect against mould, algae and fungal attack meaning you can enjoy a great finish for longer. 


  • Creates a surface allowing wood to breathe, reducing swelling, shrinages and is also water repellant 
  • 20% extra free!
  • Added UV protection by blocking UV rays, meaning your wood can stay healthier for longer
  • Water & dirt resistant
  • Sanding is not necessary
  • Delays natural greying

If you’re looking for further advice on directions on how to apply your woodstain, explore our how to paint exterior woodwork and metal blog.