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Dulux Trade Bathroom Paint

Bathrooms are a tricky place to paint at the best of times. You need to ensure all surfaces are clean and that the paint you use will be able to take wildly varying changes in temperature and humidity from day to day.

Getting reliable trade bathroom paint at a good price isn’t too difficult if you shop the range of Dulux Trade Bathroom Paint currently available at The Paint Shed.

Shop the current selection, and you’ll have a pristine bathroom in no time at all.

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What is Dulux Trade Bathroom Paint?

Dulux Trade Bathroom Paint is a range of paint specifically formulated for use in bathrooms and wet rooms. The three primary paint types within the range have individual advantages.

Dulux Diamond Eggshell

Bathrooms work best when you have a low to middling sheen paint as you want to avoid blistering and any chance of moisture making its way in there. Dulux Diamond Eggshell is the kind of paint which dries in quickly and can take it when you need to wash stains off the wall. The simple Pure Brilliant White is a popular choice for bathrooms as it can bring out a mid-sheen finish and take a few scuffs here and there.

Dulux Diamond Matt

A reliable matt is great in bathrooms. Dulux Diamond Matt has stain repellent technology which helps stop the paint from absorbing stains; ideal if you need to paint around the likes of your shower or sink. Remember that bathroom paints are formulated to deal with moisture and humidity better than others.

Dulux Satinwood

When your bathroom is naturally dull and has a hard time drawing in light, paint with a slightly higher gloss can go a long way to boosting brightness. Dulux Satinwood is usually kept for interior wood and metal, but can also be used on the skirting around your bathroom, or if you have a very low-moisture bathroom where you know smaller walls won’t have to deal with moisture as much.

Why use Dulux Trade Bathroom Paint?

Dulux makes some of the best interior paints on the market, especially when looking at price points and the coverage you’ll get from a typical can. Almost all of the paint in this range will be formulated with stain-resistant technology and low odour properties. You tend to find that the likes of the Vinyl Matt and High Gloss can be applied in primed bathroom walls in usually just one coat.

Painting in Condensation Heavy Bathrooms

When painting in bathrooms with no windows or poor ventilation, a big concern is how well paint and primer can handle condensation. Handle it effectively with Coo-Var, a specialist range created by Dulux which is formulated for what are deemed “functional spaces”. Coo-Var Anti-Condensation paint is a terrific product for these situations.

And if you’re in the unfortunate circumstance where the bathroom is prone to mould, and you want to reduce it as much as possible, something like Crown Trade Clean Extreme Mould is ideal, especially in high traffic bathrooms and public toilets.

Find the Right Paint for Your Bathroom

All bathrooms are different, so knowing which paint works best for your circumstances is important. Read our guide on How To Choose The Right Paint For Your Bathroom to see which paint you should get.

And remember that if you have any questions about any of the products you find on-site, you can get in touch by phoning us on 033 3320 2369 or emailing [email protected].