When most tradespeople are working with paint, they are looking for something which is easy to apply, quick to dry and has a minimal odour. Ticking all three of those boxes, Johnstone's Trade Emulsion Paints are a great choice. 

With many different paint styles in stock, take a look at some of the Johnston's Trade Emulsion Paint currently available at The Paint Shed. Shop today to get your paint at the best price possible, with free shipping on orders over £50.

Johnstone’s Trade Emulsion Paint

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What is Johnstone's Trade Emulsion Paint?

Johnstone's Trade Emulsion is a reliable range of emulsion paints formulated for indoor use. The type of emulsion paint you want will depend on the job, what surface you're working with, and what finish you're trying to achieve.

Here are some of the most popular products within the range and what to know about them.

Johnstones Covaplus Matt (all colours)

A standard emulsion which provides excellent coverage and does wonders to hide imperfections. It is very popular with customers who are looking for paint mixed in specific colours. Someone looking for a basic white can't go wrong with Johnstones Covaplus Matt Brilliant White.

Johnstones Acrylic Matt

Great paint for busy areas, not only can you get a few years out of this matt, but the paint is also good at resisting yellowing over time. Like Covaplus, it can be mixed to any colour you like, or available in brilliant white.

Johnstones Vinyl Soft Sheen

Provides a heap of benefits when used in living rooms and family homes, as it can take a few hits while still providing a good level of scuff resistance. 

Johnstones Vinyl Silk

A higher sheen than normal, it is durable and resistant to fading.

Why use Johnstone's Trade Emulsion Paint?

Johnstone's Trade has some excellent emulsions, especially if you're looking for tinted options or lighter mattes on the wall. The likes of the Johnstones Covaplus Matt Magnolia is not only ecological, but it also can be touch dry in just over an hour with a lovely magnolia finish.

What surfaces does Johnstone's Trade Emulsion work best on?

This range takes well on almost any interior surface. A larger product like the 10L Covaplus Matt is going to work wonders if you're painting larger rooms and want to do so quickly on walls and ceilings.

As with any paint job, we do recommend getting a decent primer or undercoat, so the job is done right.

What colours do Johnstone's Trade Emulsion Paints come in?

Anyone who wants a no-fuss option can't go wrong with the Brilliant White, Flat Matt White, or Magnolia paints on offer.

If you have a specific colour or shade in mind, look for Johnstone's products with a colour wheel; this means you can have that paint mixed to order.

Want to get an idea of what the paint could look like? We have 350ml Johnstone's Trade Covaplus Vinyl Matt Tester Pots in stock which can be pre-mixed too.

Find the right paint for your home

These paints are formulated for use around the home. If you're painting indoors and need help, visit our Tips & Advice section.

If you have a question about the products featured here, contact The Paint Shed, and we'll be happy to help.