Johnstone Trade Emulsion

Johnstone’s Trade Emlusion a range of durable paints, coming in different varieties that includes matt, vinyl matt, durable, silk & soft sheen. We have them all, at unbeatable prices. We are stockists of a huge range of Johnstone’s products, so feel free to browse around and pick the right one for you.

Any colour you wish is available, simply choose the product that you want, select your colour and our experts will have it mixed and ready for free UK delivery or for you to pick it up from your nearest local store.

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  1. Johnstone's Trade Covaplus Vinyl Matt Tester Pot (Mixed Colours) 350ml
    From £5.63 £4.69
  2. Johnstones Perfect Matt Tinted Colours
    From £42.07 £35.06
  3. Johnstones Perfect Matt Brilliant White
    From £35.06 £29.22
  4. Johnstone's Covaplus Matt 10L (Light Colours)
    From £45.37 £37.81
  5. Johnstone's Trade Acrylic Durable Matt - Light Colours 10L
    From £75.85 £63.21
  6. Johnstones Covaplus Matt Black
    From £19.36 £16.13
  7. Johnstones Vinyl Soft Sheen Colours 10L
    From £54.65 £45.54
  8. Johnstones Covaplus Matt Magnolia
    From £10.56 £8.80
  9. Johnstones Covaplus Matt (all colours)
    From £14.70 £12.25
  10. Johnstones Covaplus Matt Brilliant White
    From £10.08 £8.40
  11. Johnstones Flat Matt White
    From £27.12 £22.60
  12. Johnstones StainAway Tinted Colours
    From £35.47 £29.56
  13. Johnstones StainAway Brilliant White
    From £31.74 £26.45
  14. Johnstones Vinyl Silk Brilliant White
    From £9.85 £8.21

Items 1-16 of 28

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