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What colour should I paint my fence?

Find out what colours make your garden look bigger, what the most popular fence colours are and what fence colours to avoid with our garden fence inspiration. 

What fence colour will make my garden look bigger?

Dark Grey or Black Fences

If you have a smaller outdoor space than you'd like, you might want to consider painting your fence a darker colour as opposed to a brighter colour, so as not to draw your attention to the boundaries. Darker fence paint colours will contrast nicely against any plants and trees too. Cuprinol Garden Shades Urban Slate is a popular grey fence paint colour as is RAL 7016 also known as Anthracite Grey which is available in any tinted exterior wood paint or ready mixed in Sadolin Superdec which is perfect for fences and sheds.

Natural Coloured Fences

If you're not keen on a dark fence, a natural coloured fence will also give the illusion of a bigger space by again, not drawing your attention to the boundaries. If your fence hasn't been painted before, you can use a clear fence stain to protect the wood from weathering and decay, maintaining its natural colour. Or if your fence has been painted previously, choose a natural coloured woodstain like Sadolin Superdec for an opaque coverage in a colour like Hemlock or Bleached Oak.


What are the most popular fence paint colours?

Sage Green Fence Paint

Sage green fence paint is one of the most popular colours for 2022. Its earthy, calming tones help to create a welcoming outdoor space. Try Little Greene Tom's Oil Eggshell in Sage Green or lighter greens like Salix or Hidey Hole.

Grey Fence Paint

Grey fences have been popular for a couple of seasons now and they are here to stay. From dark greys like Sadolin Beautiflex Volcanic Ash to Demidekk Ultimate in the ever-popular RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey we have every shade of grey you could imagine. 

Silver Fence Paint

For those looking for a lighter, brighter boundary for their outdoor space, silver grey fence paint is another fast selling colour. Cuprinol Garden Shades Pebble Trail is a failsafe option or Dusky Gem.

White Fence Paint

White fences are timelss. The classic white picket fence is sure to brighten any outdoor space and won't date. Try Dulux Trade Ulitmate Opaque for a trade quality finish and a crisp white colour.



Black Fence Paint

Painting your fence black has become more popular in the last couple of years, not only in the more modern gardens of newer homes but also in older, more mature gardens where you want a rich, dark boundary that allows flowers and greenery to really pop.

If you have a large fence to paint and you feel daunted by the prospect of an entirely black fence, why not try painting the bottom half black to allow the plants and flowers to shine and paint the top half a light shade of grey creating a contrast.


Best Selling Fence Paints

Fence Paint Samples

Not sure what colour you need? Why not try a sample of Sadolin Superdec in the colour of your choice. Sadolin comes in a range of colours including RAL and colour matching. 

Simply select 250ml and enter the colour name of your choice or select on the shade finder before adding to your online cart.

Or alternatively, try a Cuprinol Garden Shades 125ml sample.