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A Guide To Osmo's Top Ten Products


Osmo is a renowned wood product specialist, that provide everything you need to keep your home and garden protected. As one of our most popular woodcare providers, we have put together a guide to their best selling products. With a product for every woodcare project, you are sure to find what you need from wooden floor care, interior wooden door oil, decking oils with anti slip formula or UV protection to everything you need to clean your wooden surface carefully.

Osmo Oils

Decking Oil 

Osmo Decking Oils help maintain and protect wooden surfaces. With UV protection and anti-slip options available, they have everything you need to meet the demands of wooden decking. Osmo Decking Oils produce a smooth, satin finish that is both water resistant and dirt repellent. The microporous finish allows the wood to breathe, preventing cracks and swelling. Once the original decking oil is applied, follow with a top coat of their Anti Slip Decking Oil, to produce a slip resistant, safe decking area. 

Base Coat

Doubling up on protection is always a good idea. Osmo’s WR Base coat adds an extra layer of protection to exterior softwood surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about rot, mould or insect attack. It seamlessly sinks into the surface, forming a preventative barrier that is both water repellent and stain resistant. With only one coat, you reduce the risk of swelling or shrinkage, creating a future proof finish.


  1. Osmo Decking Oil Tinted Colours
    Osmo Decking Oil Tinted Colours
    From £11.80 £9.83

Polyx Oil 

Osmo’s Polyx Oils are developed from natural oils and waxes, creating a highly versatile, premium grade hardwax oil for interior wood. Perfect for wooden floors, doors, furniture and more, Polyx Oil helps emphasise the woods grain and natural characteristics. It is easily maintained and renovated, quickly drying to a clear, natural finish that is available in a range of sheens. This durable option is ideal if you want to add a warm and rich effect to interior furnishings.


Door Oil 

This unique oil and wax combination is formulated to protect interior veneered doors and furniture. Available in a clear, satin or a raw, matt finish, this hard wearing, water and dirt resistant option dries to an attractive, natural finish that will not crack, peel or blister. It effectively penetrates the wood surface, creating a healthy and elastic coverage that will not shrink or swell over time. Dry in under 10 hours, it is easily applied with an Osmo brush and no sanding is necessary for future applications.


  1. Osmo Door Oil
    Osmo Door Oil
    From £38.08 £31.73

UV Protection Oil

All exterior wood greys over time, but with Osmo’s UV Protection Oil you can slow down the process by up to 12 times. To the stop the natural colour of your wood fading over the time, treat it with a high quality exterior oil. Suited to windows, doors, fencing and other vertical structures, Osmo UV Protection Oil offers clear protection from the elements. With no more than two coats you can have a natural oil based finish that won’t crack, flake or falter.


  1. Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear Satin
    Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear Satin
    From £27.29 £22.74

Top Oil 

If you need a hard wearing solution to stop water marks, look no further than Osmo’s Top Oil. This extremely tough surface oil is both water repellant and dirt resistant. Ideal for kitchen countertops and living room furniture, Top Oil creates a protective barrier to most spillages including: wine, beer, coffee, coke etc. so that you are not left with permanent marks. 

Osmo Wood Protector

If you are in need of increased water protection, Osmo’s unique preservative wood primer is principally developed for wood that is prone to moisture. Wood protectors help prevent blue stain in wet rooms like bathrooms, kitchens etc, so no future applications are necessary. They support a healthy living environment, and are suitable for work surfaces, flooring, windows and other interior surfaces. Both animal and plant friendly, its saliva and sweat resistant properties mean that it can be used on certain exteriors and even children’s toys.

Osmo Cleaning Solutions

Wood Reviver Power Gel 

If you want to restore your wooden surfaces back to their former glory, this powerful cleaning agent will do the trick. Specifically developed to restore the colour and character of weathered exterior wood, it deeply penetrates the surface showing results in less than 30 minutes. Simply apply with brush on either vertical or horizontal surfaces, and watch it do its magic. Best used on untreated wood, this quick and easy gel is both non drip and biodegradable. 

Wax Cleaner

This liquid option is ideal for those intensive cleans. Its powerful regenerative formulation means that heavy restoration can be avoided in the future. Best used for initial cleaning, Osmo Wax Cleaner effectively treats higher tread areas of the home e.g hallways, door entrances, quickly restoring the natural character of the wood. With economical application it also works to remove tough stains and grease, suitably refreshing your floors.

Spray Cleaner

If you need a quick and easy product for everyday cleaning, Osmo’s spray cleaner has you covered. Perfect for maintenance, it contains natural oil based soaps that will stop your wooden surfaces from drying out. Its mild application prevents streaks and supports a healthy living environment, so that your wooden, varnished, stone, vinyl and PVS surfaces remain clean, protected and solvent free. 

Shop our fantastic range of Osmo products online today, or pop by our Bathgate store to benefit from the knowledge of our expert staff. 

  1. Osmo Top Oil  500ml
    Osmo Top Oil 500ml
    From £22.40 £18.67
  1. Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel
    Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel
    From £8.71 £7.26