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The Best Paint for Skirting Boards

Choosing skirting board paint isn’t easy, there are thousands of interior trim paints available for wood. To help you buy the best skirting board paint we have reviewed our product range and summarised our top 3 best skirting board paints below, not only that, we have also included reviews from customers to illustrate it’s not just us who think that these are the best skirting board paints on the market.

Why do we suggest you buy high quality trade paint for your skirting boards? Let’s be honest, painting skirting boards isn’t a fun task, it is tricky to get perfect lines and it’s not the type of task you’d want to be unnecessarily repeating due to yellowing of your paint, marks and scuffs overtime. As such, we recommend you buy a trade trim paint which will provide the following benefits:

  • Higher coverage, you’ll need less paint to cover the same area (so technically it can save you money)
  • Trade paints are far more durable than regular paint, meaning they’ll withstand scuffs and scrapes, meaning less touch-ups. Simply wipe or wash clean and get on with your day!
  • You really do get what you pay for when you opt for trade trim paint over retail paint


Johnstone's Trade - Aqua Guard

In first place we have Johnstone’s Trade Aquaguard, this is a durable satin water-based paint that is perfect for interior wood and metal. It includes an innovative technology that protects against scratches, wear and tear, greasy finger marks and more meaning you can benefit from a long-lasting and high-quality finish. No surprise that this product is rated 5/5 stars by our customers on Trustpilot, see what some of our customers had to say about this product below. 

  1. Johnstone's Trade Aqua Guard Durable Satin Brilliant White
    Johnstone's Trade Aqua Guard Durable Satin Brilliant White
    From £20.10 £16.75


  • Water-based so doesn’t yellow overtime 
  • Extremely durable
  • Low VOCs
  • Available in hundreds of colours
  • Affordable, one litre ~£18 
  • Can be recoated after 4 hours 
  • Also available in gloss finish


  • None we can think of 


Johnstone's Trade Aqua Guard Customer Reviews


Benjamin Moore Scuff X

In second place we have Benjamin Moore Scuff X, this is our most durable paint, and is made from latex which is designed for use in high-traffic commercial and domestic settings. This paint is resistant to scuffs, scratches and general wear and tear meaning you can benefit from a long-lasting finish that essentially needs little to no maintenance once it has been applied. If you do have the odd spillage, you can wipe or wash this paint clean without damaging the colour or the finish. This makes this paint perfect for commercial settings, but also perfect for skirting boards and panelling in high-traffic areas of your home. 

  1. Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Scuff X Satin
    Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Scuff X Satin
    From £88.00 £73.33 Was £108.00


  • Scuff, scratch and general wear and tear resistant
  • Wipe or scrub clean without damaging the colour or finish
  • Low odour, despite having medium VOC
  • Dries quickly 
  • Available in 3,500 Benjamin Moore colours
  • Choose from Satin, Eggshell and Matt finishes 
  • Scuff, scratch and general wear and tear resistant


  • Most expensive option at ~£100 for 3.78 litres

Benjamin Moore Scuff X Customer Reviews


Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood

In third place, but by no means last (afterall we do sell over 200 paints for skirting boards) we have Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood. This paint also provides a tough and durable finish as well as protection from scratches, stains and grease. This Diamond Satinwood paint is water-based and also has unique non-yellowing technology meaning you can benefit from long lasting white skirting boards. Water-based trim paints won’t yellow over time, this is associated with oil based trim paints and is another reason our top 3 best skirting board paints are water-based. You can also wash and wipe your skirting boards clean when using this paint and you needn't worry about damaging the finish or colour.  

  1. Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood Pure Brilliant White
    Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood Pure Brilliant White
    From £28.28 £23.57


  • Offers protection from scratches, stains & grease 
  • Great coverage & easy to apply 
  • Low odour and VOCs
  • Anti-yellowing technology allowing you to enjoy a long-lasting white skirting board
  • Also available in matt and eggshell finishes
  • Can be colour matched and also available in thousands of colours including RAL & BSC



  • Can run and leave visible drips
  • 6 hour recoat time
  • Typically requires two coats for optimal coverage

Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood Customer Reviews

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Now you’ve decided on your preferred paint for your skirting boards, read our supporting article on how to paint your skirting boards and you’ll never go wrong………we hope!