One of the best trade paints you can find, Dulux Trade Emulsion Paint is a firm favourite amongst those in the trades and with Paint Shed customers.

Known for providing excellent coverage, a smooth finish, and value for money, Dulux Trade Emulsion is the paint you didn’t know you were looking for. Shop today and find the most suitable emulsion solution for the space you need to paint.

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Dulux Trade Emulsion

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What is Dulux Trade Emulsion Paint?

Within the Dulux Trade Emulsion range, there are different paints which have their own unique advantages. Knowing which one to use in your home can prove beneficial.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

The standard-bearer for Dulux Trade Emulsions, the Vinyl Matt has a lovely finish regardless of which colour you want it mixed as. The tough, wipeable finish matched with a good degree of opacity works fantastically on interior surfaces.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen

It may say soft on the front of the can, but this is one of the tougher emulsions you’ll find within the Dulux Trade range. It is ideal for the family home, especially if you want to give yourself a chance of being able to remove marks and stains from walls.

However, if you’re painting your kitchen or bathroom (i.e. spaces prone to steam and condensation) we recommend using Dulux Trade Diamond instead.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk

You wouldn’t usually be able to get a mid-sheen emulsion which will let you wash it, but Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk will. The water-based paint can do a good job of producing a more protective finish than other trade paints trying to provide a similar silky finish.

Dulux Trade Supermatt

A premium emulsion which many tradespeople prefer to use when time is of the essence, Supermatt is a high-opacity emulsion which typically covers about 18m² per litre. When you’re looking to get a coat on in a hurry, Supermatt is the one to use. Many people also prefer it as it has high opacity and will hide imperfections on walls quite well.

Dulux Trade Durable Flat Matt

When durability is what you need most, Dulux Trade Durable Flat Matt is your best option. It will provide easier coverage thanks to a lower sheen, so if you wanted an emulsion that would be more muted and can hide more significant problems, like an uneven surface, it’s ideal.

Why use Dulux Trade Emulsion Paint?

Dulux Trade offers high-quality emulsions at very good prices. It’s also one of the best selling emulsions in stock at The Paint Shed. You can see our full range of emulsion paints here, with other top-sellers from Johnstone’s, Crown, and Macpherson.

What surfaces does Dulux Trade Emulsion work best on?

You ideally want to use this inside the home, as the paints here are formulated for walls, ceilings and plasterboard. If there’s a specific surface you’re working on, take a look at our range of specialist paints.

What colours do Dulux Trade Emulsion Paints come in?

If you’re looking for a basic finish, pure white and magnolia would be the best options to choose from.

If you have a specific colour in mind, our team can premix Dulux Trade Emulsion in any shade you like.

Find the right paint for your rooms

For anyone who doesn’t know what paint to buy, read our article on How To Buy The Right Paint, and see similar articles in our Tips & Advice section.

And for those unsure which particular Dulux Trade Emulsion Paint to get, ask our team for help by getting in touch today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about products currently in stock.