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Garden Paint

Is there anything better than a sunny day out in the garden getting some painting done? Whether you’re finally getting around to applying some stain on the garden fence, have some pieces of furniture you want to clean up and give a fresh coat, or have windows and doors that could do with a new look, you’ll find the products you need for any garden paint job at The Paint Shed.

We have every type of garden paint you need right here, with great deals from top brands like Demidekk, Dulux, Johnstone’s, Osmo & Sadolin. Shop today at The Paint Shed and get the best deals on garden paint with our prime promise. And don’t forget, orders over £50 can qualify for free delivery in your area.

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Why would I need garden paint?

You might have just finished painting around the house and have some paint left over, and get the idea to use it on the garden shed to give it a new lease of life. If you went right out and threw a coat on, you’re taking a bit of a gamble with the end result. 

There’s a reason why we have a dedicated section for garden paints. Many are formulated specifically for use outdoors, as garden paints need to:

  • Have a degree of flexibility with the seasons
  • Be more durable than interior
  • Last longer against the elements
  • Have increased colour retention against sunlight
  • Adhere to materials like wood and metal with ease

Now, you may have already purchased a paint which says on the tin that it is suitable for interior and exterior use, and you may be ok, but we do recommend you do your research beforehand. For example, many interior paints with a softer sheen (be it matt or eggshell) often have a hard time even adhering to surfaces outside. Interior based paints also tend to lack the additives which protect against rain. The last thing you’d want to do is use an interior paint on a garden wall and see the rain wash it away.

What should I use if I'm painting or staining my garden decking?

If you plan on simply having a reliable stain on decking to protect it and give a good shade on the wood, some top-selling products to look at include Osmo Decking Oil, Demidekk Stain (available in many colours), and Sadolin Ready Mixed Stain & Protector. We would also recommend visiting our woodcare section for similar products.

Anyone looking to paint on decking could use a product like Sadolin Superdec Satin Ready Mixed to give the wood a decent undercoat before applying any paint.

I want to paint my shed. What should I use?

Sheds do take a beating, and it helps to have something like Johnstone's Exterior Shed and Fence Treatment if you want a no-fuss solution. It comes ready mixed in six different colours and should give you good colour retention for at least three years.

How long do garden paints take to dry?

It will depend on what surface you’re working, whether you already have an undercoat/primer applied and the type of paint used. Remember that any garden paints which are solvent-based tend to have a longer dry time compared to water-based paints.

What do I need to touch up a metal garden fence?

Before painting over garden fences, and other metal features, we highly recommend getting any flaky paint or damaged spots cleaned up first. You always want to work with a clean and dust-free surface when painting over metal.  Metal fences tend to be painted in gloss and products like Johnstone’s Gloss or Dulux Trade High Gloss are very good. You’ll find a wider range of paints for metal surfaces here, including semi-gloss and eggshell metal paints.

What can I use on windows and doors outside?

Demidekk Ultimate Windows & Doors is a great choice when you want a no fuss paint to use on frames and doors outside. We’ve also found it to be quite good with painting on guttering, as well as plastic and some metals when you prime them correctly and are looking for blues, greens, and neutral colours from a stain. 

If you are looking for more of an eggshell finish on windows and doors, Sandtex Exterior Eggshell is a good choice.

Have questions about garden paint? Contact The Paint Shed

We want to make it easy for you to paint your garden just how you want it, and recommend reading our garden paint articles to learn more about some of the products you see here, and techniques to use.

If there’s a specific product you’re looking for but can’t see, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.